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E-ONE Technology

Safety Is Never Secondary
E-ONE is one of the few manufacturers to have an on-site tilt table, allowing product designs to be validated on campus. Although not an NFPA requirement, we conduct this test for two very important reasons: to ensure stability and to instill confidence.

E-ONE apparatus is now available with V-MUX by Weldon. V-MUX is an optional multiplex electrical system that integrates all your apparatus systems and components. V-MUX offers fewer wires, fewer splices and connectors, and built-in diagnostics.

Quality and ISO
Quality is the number one priority throughout E-ONE. In the last year, more than 60% of our apparatus boasted 0 gigs after a department's final inspection. As such, we encourage all E-ONE employees to dedicate their abilities and direct their energies towards producing the quality of vehicle you've come to trust from E-ONE.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
G4™, E-ONE's exclusive electronic stability control system, ensures you make it to the scene quickly and safely, even when you're behind the wheel of the heaviest of vehicles.

Aluinum or Steel
With each fire department's diverse requirements, E-ONE's modular body design and fabrication process allow flexible compartmentation to meet specific needs with one of the industry's most durable frames. Should an accident occur, our unique all-aluminum, high-strength extrusions minimize the amount of accident damage to the cab. The modular body design offers the ability to repair the body in sections. E-ONE's all-aluminum, extruded body is lightweight an corrosion- resistant, providing years of trouble-free service. The all-welded, tongue and groove design is superior to a bolted body that can vibrate loose. E-ONE bodies are also backed by a standard 10-year structural warranty.

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E-ONE Type III Wildland Interface

Type III Wildland Brochure
Type III Wildland Brochure

Wildland and urban interface apparatus must be as rugged as the terrain you're covering, that's why we designed the E-ONE Type III to be a versatile, durable member of your crew.

The separate pump module is designed for plumbing flexibility with the ability to house single or two-stage fire pumps up to 1000 GPM. An optional diesel auxiliary pump is available for pump and roll operations. Stainless steel plumbing, Class A foam system, and a booster reel are standard equipment on the E-ONE Type III Wildland.

The integral tank design allows the E-ONE Type III to offer a 175" wheel base, a 10' overall height and a hose-bed positioned 75" from the ground.

E-ONE Type III Wildland Pumper
Up to 148 cubic feet of storage space
Up to 58 cubic feet of hose-bed space

  • Available on mostcommercial chassis
  • Stainless steel body and substructure
  • Multiple shelf, rollout tray and toolboard configurations
  • 500 gallon stainless steel integral tank standard; 600 gallon tank optional
  • Darley, Waterous or Hale Pumps
  • 500-750 GPM single or two-stage pump
  • Up to two crosslays or two rear pre-connects
  • Booster reel standard
  • Multiplex technology
  • Whelen, Federal Signal or Code 3 lighting available

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