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E-ONE Technology

Safety Is Never Secondary
E-ONE is one of the few manufacturers to have an on-site tilt table, allowing product designs to be validated on campus. Although not an NFPA requirement, we conduct this test for two very important reasons: to ensure stability and to instill confidence.

E-ONE apparatus is now available with V-MUX by Weldon. V-MUX is an optional multiplex electrical system that integrates all your apparatus systems and components. V-MUX offers fewer wires, fewer splices and connectors, and built-in diagnostics.

Quality and ISO
Quality is the number one priority throughout E-ONE. In the last year, more than 60% of our apparatus boasted 0 gigs after a department's final inspection. As such, we encourage all E-ONE employees to dedicate their abilities and direct their energies towards producing the quality of vehicle you've come to trust from E-ONE.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
G4™, E-ONE's exclusive electronic stability control system, ensures you make it to the scene quickly and safely, even when you're behind the wheel of the heaviest of vehicles.

Aluinum or Steel
With each fire department's diverse requirements, E-ONE's modular body design and fabrication process allow flexible compartmentation to meet specific needs with one of the industry's most durable frames. Should an accident occur, our unique all-aluminum, high-strength extrusions minimize the amount of accident damage to the cab. The modular body design offers the ability to repair the body in sections. E-ONE's all-aluminum, extruded body is lightweight an corrosion- resistant, providing years of trouble-free service. The all-welded, tongue and groove design is superior to a bolted body that can vibrate loose. E-ONE bodies are also backed by a standard 10-year structural warranty.

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E-ONE Rescue Trucks

E-ONE Light & Heavy Rescues

Heavy Duty Non Walk In Rescue

The E-ONE Heavy Duty Non Walk In Rescue gives your department the maximum amount of equipment storage space to meet any emergency. It fully meets NFPA 1901 standards

Heavy Duty Non Walk In Rescue
Heavy Duty Non Walk In Rescue Brochure

The E-ONE Non Walk-In Rescue allows first responders to arrive on the scene prepared. Whether responding to a natural disaster or homeland security threat, this Non Walk-In Rescue stores everything from generators to scene lighting and can be outfitted with the latest communications technology.

The E-ONE Non Walk-In ensures all necessary gear is stored neatly with optional rooftop compartments, under-body compartments and a recessed pan.

E-ONE Heavy Duty Walk In Rescue
Heavy Duty Walk In Rescue Brochure

Heavy Duty Walk In Rescue

The E-ONE Heavy Duty Walk In Rescue offers an open body interior with plenty of exterior compartments and a wide array of configurations and options. It fully meets NFPA 1901 standards

The E-ONE Walk-In Rescue provides the space first responders' need to efficiently store and utilize vital life-saving equipment. With a wide center walkway, countertops and large compartments, the interior of the E-ONE Walk-In Rescue allows first responders a spacious area to safely control dangerous environments. The Walk-In Rescue is also available with optional features such as awnings, under body compartments, scene lighting, camera packages, generators and breathing air systems.

Combo Unit Rescue Brochure
Combo Unit Rescue Brochure

Combo Unit Rescue

The E-ONE Combo Unit merges the innovative command area technology of the E-ONE Mobile Command Center with the organized storage capabilities of the E-ONE Non Walk-In Rescue to build a Combo Unit second to none. With storage features such as rooftop, rear, underbody and transverse compartments, the E-ONE Combo Unit allows first responders to efficiently store all the necessary gear to arrive on the scene prepared. The L-shaped command area can be equipped with camera packages, video monitors for satellite feeds, DVD / DVR equipment and weather stations. Available on both a custom and commercial chassis, the E-ONE Combo Unit meets first responder's needs without sacrificing safety or quality.

Hazmat Unit
Hazmat Unit

Hazmat Unit

The E-ONE HazMat vehicle provides the security and functionality your department needs to answer the call for situations involving hazardous materials.

Available with an extruded aluminum body, the HazMat can be fitted to a custom or commercial chassis.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Brochure

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Confidence. This is precisely what you will have when you arrive at the scene in your E-ONE Bomb Team Support Vehicle. Our innovative and customized approach allows you to employ the latest technology to meet your specific needs.

Robot operation and deployment, specialized illumination and camera towers, tailored interior, and dedicated power generator systems are just some of the available options.

Air and Light Trucks
Air and Light Trucks

Air and Light Trucks

The E-ONE Air & Light vehicle provides your department with breathing air support and illumination at the scene.

Built on a custom or commercial chassis, it can be used for a number of applications and offers several valuable options.

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Light Rescue & Squad
Light Rescue & Squad

Light Duty Rescue Trucks

The E-ONE Light-Duty Non Walk In & Walk In Rescue Trucks are perfect for departments needing either an open body interior with plenty of exterior compartments or non walk in body for maximum storage.

The E-ONE Light Rescue provides the maximum amount of storage space in a compact package. This unit is perfect for initial response at large emergencies or can be used as the primary at smaller episodes. The vehicle features an all-welded extruded aluminum body with roll-up doors. The unit is available with a wide array of options to meet the individual needs of today's fire service.

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