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E-ONE Technology

Safety Is Never Secondary
E-ONE is one of the few manufacturers to have an on-site tilt table, allowing product designs to be validated on campus. Although not an NFPA requirement, we conduct this test for two very important reasons: to ensure stability and to instill confidence.

E-ONE apparatus is now available with V-MUX by Weldon. V-MUX is an optional multiplex electrical system that integrates all your apparatus systems and components. V-MUX offers fewer wires, fewer splices and connectors, and built-in diagnostics.

Quality and ISO
Quality is the number one priority throughout E-ONE. In the last year, more than 60% of our apparatus boasted 0 gigs after a department's final inspection. As such, we encourage all E-ONE employees to dedicate their abilities and direct their energies towards producing the quality of vehicle you've come to trust from E-ONE.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
G4™, E-ONE's exclusive electronic stability control system, ensures you make it to the scene quickly and safely, even when you're behind the wheel of the heaviest of vehicles.

Aluinum or Steel
With each fire department's diverse requirements, E-ONE's modular body design and fabrication process allow flexible compartmentation to meet specific needs with one of the industry's most durable frames. Should an accident occur, our unique all-aluminum, high-strength extrusions minimize the amount of accident damage to the cab. The modular body design offers the ability to repair the body in sections. E-ONE's all-aluminum, extruded body is lightweight an corrosion- resistant, providing years of trouble-free service. The all-welded, tongue and groove design is superior to a bolted body that can vibrate loose. E-ONE bodies are also backed by a standard 10-year structural warranty.

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E-ONE Tankers & Vacuum Tankers

Need large amounts of water? The E-ONE Tanker answers the call!

Water Master Vacuum Tanker
Water Master Vacuum Tanker

Water Master Vacuum Tankers

Water Master vacuum tankers are designed to be easy to use and safe to operate.

Featuring a unique self-filling vacuum system, Water Master vacuum tankers can be filled at up to 2000 gallons per minute without a Class A pumper.

The tankers can self-fill from up to three suction inlets using almost any alternative water source including ponds, rivers, lakes, ditches and swimming pools.

Water Master Vacuum Tanker Brochure
Water Master Vacuum Tanker Brochure

The units feature baffled aluminum tanks holding up to 4000 gallons of water and come standard with a vacuum pump allowing one operator to deliver more than 250 gallons per minute in a three mile shuttle.

Water Master vacuum tankers were designed from the ground up to deliver the maximum amount of water to the scene with the minimum amount of personnel.

Single & Tandem Axle Tankers

E-ONE Tankers are rugged yet compact, easy-to-operate vehicles designed to meet demanding suburban, rural and urban-interface operational needs. These units are available on Freightliner®, International®, and Kenworth® chassis. E-ONE Tankers are equipped with fold-a-tank and suction hose, available mounted on brackets or enclosed.

Single Axle Tanker
Single Axle Tanker

Single axle tanker available in wetside or dryside

Available tank size:
1500 gallons
1800 gallons
2000 gallons

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel plumbing

Tandem Axle Tanker
Tandem Axle Tanker

Tandem axle tanker available in wetside or dryside

Available tank size:
2000 gallons
2500 gallons
3000 gallons
3500 gallons

Rugged, all-welded extruded-aluminum body

E-ONE Tanker Highlights:

Kenworth, Freightliner or International chassis
Up to 380 HP engine
Center control console
2-door cab

Frame Mounted Pump
Pre-connects located on top of the tank or compartment top mounted
Storage for 2.5" hose on top

Side Mounted Pump
Pre-connects located in pump module
Transverse hosebed storage for 2.5" hose

Kenworth, Freightliner or International chassis
Kenworth, Freightliner or International chassis

3/16" fabricated and extruded aluminum construction provides an optimal strength to weight ratio
Available with full-width or narrow tank design
Optional hosebed integral to the top of the tank
Enclosed Fold-A-Tank storage below the tank
Optional side mounted brackets for fold-a-tank or hard suction
Spacious storage compartments located in front of the wheels on each side of the truck
Enclosed hard suction storage below the tank

Fire Package
Up to 1000 gpm pumping capacity
Frame or side mounted configurations
Capable of dumping from 3 locations

Choice of Federal Signal or Whelen optical and audible warning packages
LED ground, step and warning lights

Lifetime poly-tank warranty
10-year body structural warranty
10-year stainless steel plumbing warranty

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